Sunday, July 28

16:00 - 21:00
Hangout and pre-registration
Lotus Modern Thai, G/F, 5 Staunton Street, Central

Monday, July 29

8:00 - 9:00
Hong Kong Exchange Connect Hall
8 Connaught Pl, Central

Talks and Panel Discussions
Hong Kong Exchange Connect Hall
8 Connaught Pl, Central

Opening Talk
- Leonhard Weese (Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong)

Fiat champions - Mastering the on- and offramps
A handful of platforms have managed to secure and maintain banking relationships that allow both retail and institutions efficient access to cryptocurrency markets. How do banks interact with cryptocurrency exchanges? How do regulatory regimes differ across continents? Why is buying Bitcoin sometimes so hard?
- Hiroyuki Mihara (Bitbank)
- Hugh Madden (BC Group)
- Kayvon Pirestani (Coinbase)
- Miha Grccar (Bitstamp)
- Moderated by: Angie Lau (Forkast.News)

Custody & Insurance
Rule #1 of a Bitcoin exchange: Don’t lose your Bitcoin. Various competing models for self-custody exist, such as hot/cold wallet solutions and multisignature with or without an external party. Additionally, external experts provide consulting, services and even fully custodial solutions. What makes cryptocurrencies so difficult to secure? Can they be insured? How do self-insurance models fare against external insurers?
- Alessio Quaglini (HEX Trust)
- Glenn Woo (Ledger)
- Michael McCarty (Aegis)
- Tom Pageler (BitGo)
- Usman Ahmad (BC Group)
- Moderated by: Larry Salibra (New Internet Labs)

FATF Guidelines
The global AML standard-setter FATF has delivered a series of recent announcements that will dramatically shape the virtual asset sector internationally. How will this impact users, issuers, exchanges and custodians? What does it mean for banking and fiat on-ramps? Is privacy at risk?
In this session, our favourite "bleeding edge" digital lawyer Urszula McCormack will summarise the 8 key things you need to know.

- Urszula McCormack (KWM)

Cryptocurrency regulation differs greatly across several jurisdictions and seems to change as quickly as the market. Which places are welcoming? Where can exchanges find a stable environment? How do existing regulations fit into a world where national borders matter little, and even small players can truly be global?
- Jasper Lee (eToro)
- Kevin Werbach (UPenn)
- Melody Ma (OSL)
- Syren Johnstone (HKU)
- Moderated by: Bénédicte Nolens


KYC, Coin Tracing and Privacy
Are cryptocurrencies anonymous? What obligations does a cryptocurrency exchange have to regulators and police to trace their clients’ assets as they enter and leave the exchange? How much tracing can be done on-chain, versus through (in)-formal networks between exchanges?
- Adam Vaziri (Blockpass)
- Henri Arslasian (PwC)
- Mriganka Pattnaik (Merkle Science)
- Moderated by: Ellis Gyongyos (KYT)

Tokens pegged to the USD are primarily used to trade cryptocurrency on exchanges with no or limited fiat support. How are these stablecoins legally structured, and how are they backed? Do stablecoins represent an innovation in finance? Are they fintech or crypto? Are they potentially useful beyond cryptocurrency trading, and how can we assess their counterparty risk?
- Ben Yates (Jingtian)
- Charles Yang (Genesis Block)
- Leslie Tam (Binance)
- Maxine Ryan (Bitspark)
- Moderated by: Matthew Lam (Blockchain.News)

Lunch (provided for Networking Ticket holders)

The future of Tokens
The rise of smart contract platforms has created a large variety of digital tokens, some of which resemble contracts, equity shares, loyalty schemes or debt instruments. The ICO boom of 2017 has demonstrated that there is plenty of money looking for new and innovative investments, yet failed to demonstrate even short term sustainability. How will tokens legally and technologically evolve? Are Security Tokens and Initial Exchange Offerings something new, or more of the same? How will these new ideas compete with traditional instruments like stocks or bonds?
- Brian Liston (Seed CX)
- Liam Bussell (Bountize)
- Nathan Kaiser (Cardano Foundation)
- Terence Tsang (Tidebit)
- Moderated by: Jonathan Lee (C Block Capital)

Futures, Derivatives and Leverage
Futures and derivatives markets have emerged as the big winners of the past bull cycle. The ability to reach a global audience easily without the need for formal banking relationships means the market is more accessible than others. What role do insurance funds play? What cryptocurrencies are suitable for settlement? What threat do regulators pose to this business model?
- Mark Lamb (CoinFLEX)
- Marius Jansen (Deribit)
- Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX)
- Moderated by: Felix Weis

Security and auditability, the user’s perspective
There are two types of exchanges. Those that have been hacked, and those that will be hacked. How can the users safely interact with exchanges? How can an exchange gain the trust of its clients? What role do wallets play, and will non-custodial exchanges be a big thing?
- Chad Lynch (Horangi)
- Franky Hu (Wagecan)
- Neil Woodfine (Blockstream)
- Paul Puey (Edge)
- Moderated by: Koji Higashi (Koinup)

Bitcoin around the world
Cryptocurrency markets differ all over the world. So do the traders. How do people trade cryptocurrency in Asia, the Americas and Europe? What drives these market differences, and will they disappear over time?
- David Wills (Caspian)
- Dominik Weil (Bitcoin VN)
- Junhaeng Lee (GOPAX)
- Marc Bhargava (Tagomi)
- Max Webster (Entiende Bitcoin)
- Moderated by: Bryan Cheung (Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong)

Closing remarks

18:00 - 20:00
VIP reception (speakers and networking ticket holders only)
Beef & Liberty, 3/F California Tower, 30-32 D'Aguilar Street, Central

20:00 - late
Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong - 5th Anniversary Party - sponsored by BC GROUP
Beef & Liberty, 3/F California Tower, 30-32 D'Aguilar Street, Central
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Tuesday, July 30

Meet Nathan Kaiser, Cardano Foundation Chairperson
Solas, 60 Wyndham Street, Central
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